Riverton, Wyoming Fire Department

History of R.V.F.D.




Written By: Chief Larry L. “CAP” Lee (1935 – 2000)

Equipment updated by Cap's Grandson: Chief Ryan D. Lee


The Riverton Volunteer Fire Department was organized in June of 1906 when a hand pulled hose wagon was officially put into service. The Department purchased a chemical engine on a hand cart in 1909 and sometime later added a ladder cart
In September of 1916 a used Ford Car was purchased and the Chemical engine was taken from the cart and put on the car. This became the first motorized vehicle in R.F.D. History. A trailer containing 700 feet of 1 ½ hose plus nozzles and axes was assembled and pulled by the vehicle.
In the late 1920’s a Model A fire truck was built by the members of the Department. In 1937 a modern custom fire engine was purchased. This Howe Fire Engine consisted of a 500 G.P.M. pump complete with dual ignition and was mounted on a diamond T Chassis. This fire engine was taken off the line in 1977 and put in reserve as Engine Co.#4. It is still maintained by the Department and is used frequently for parades and fire prevention.
In 1950 the Riverton Fire District was formed. The present district encompasses a 10 mile radius around the City of Riverton protection approximately 22,000 people. A 500 G.P.M. Howe commercial fire engine and a rescue truck were purchased as district apparatus. The fire district acquired a 500 G.P.M. Barton American commercial fire engine in 1956 and then in 1960, purchased a 750 G.P.M. Custom Howe Fire Engine. The Riverton Fire District Currently has in service
1                     2000 G.P.M. Rural Engine Company
1                    1500 G.P.M City Engine Company
1                    1000 G.P.M. Rural Engine Company
1                    95 foot Aerial Platform Truck Company @ 1750 G.P.M.
1                    Custom Heavy Rescue Company
4          Water Tenders / Tankers 1000 gallon water capacity
1                      Swift Water Rescue Company
1                      Hazardous Materials Company
1                      State Regional Response Team Unit
2                      Fire Command Units
These units operate out of the Districts 3 fire stations located in the City Of Riverton. From a humble beginning to a shining example of fire service in America’s west. The Riverton Fire Department with 45 Firemen answering 300 alarms per year, a department of distinction, a cut above.                 



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