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Application Procedures

To be a Member of the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department you must be of 19 years of age, have lived in the Riverton Fire District for a period of (6) six consecutive months.  The Riverton Fire District is basically the City of Riverton with a ten mile radius surrounding it.
Our department is 100 percent volunteer, from the Fire Chief, right down to the front line combat fireman. We are a very busy volunteer organization, putting us at the top of the list state wide for the number of emergency alarms we handle, and being completely volunteer. The Riverton Volunteer Fire Department is a very proud and a traditional organization. We are not only firefighters, we consider the members of our department as family. Because of that we have strong values that we adhere to when recruiting new members.
A member of the Riverton Fire Department is expected to attend all maintenance functions, which occur EVERY TUESDAY FROM 7:30pm until 9:00 pm, EVERY WEEK.
A member of the Riverton Fire Department is expected to attend all training sessions, which occur EVERY THURSDAY FROM 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm, EVERY WEEK.
A member is expected to attend the monthly business meeting held on the LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, from 7:00 pm, until 10:00 pm.
A member of the Riverton Fire Department is expected to attend and help with all special functions that occur outside of the regularly scheduled meetings, such as fire schools, and helping with fire prevention courses in local schools, to name a couple.
Finally, members of the Riverton Fire Department are expected to answer at least fifty percent of all emergency alarms for a calendar year. These alarms range from fire calls, rescue calls, public service calls, and anything that may require the presence of the Fire Department. These calls have no schedule and we are summoned to them around 300 times per year.
 We do provide all of our members with the Wyoming Workers Compensation Program, and you are insured if there should be some type of injury or death during one of our alarms, training sessions, and other events. With the help of the City of Riverton, all members of the Riverton Fire Department are enrolled in the Wyoming State Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund.
We do provide all members of the department with all the necessary equipment to perform this job with. All of our equipment and apparatus are considered to be the best that money can buy.
NOW: If you believe that this job is for you and you can handle the above mentioned criteria, let me fill you in on how the application process itself works.
First any applicant must have never been convicted of a felony crime, and or any serious misdemeanor crime. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license, and the capability to obtain a Class B drivers license upon acceptance, which we will provide the funding for. Applicants MUST live in the confines of the Riverton Fire Protection District, and been a citizen of that area for at least six months prior to application.
Once you have completed your application you turn it back in to us.  From there your application is reviewed, and a complete background check and criminal history is conducted. Applications are then sorted and those making it past this initial phase are called in for a interview.
The interview board consists of five to ten members of the department.   The interview is simple, and basically is a way for us to meet you in person and visit with you about your intentions and dedications.
A recommendation is then given to the department as a whole at our regular meeting, and the entire membership that is present votes rather to accept the application or deny it.
Those who pass the floor vote become Probationary Members that night and are handed gear and become a Riverton Volunteer Fireman.
The Probationary period last six months, in which every month you performance is evaluated. If for some reason you cannot keep up with things or there is a serious problem with something, the Probationary Fireman will be terminated.
At the end of the six month probationary period, the member will sit through another interview that is basically the same as the first. The interview board will then give its recommendation to the members as a whole, and the member will be subject to a department wide vote.
Successful members that pass this probationary period will receive a badge and become a full fledged Riverton Fireman.
Once you become a Riverton Fireman, the ball is in your court. You can go up through the ranks, or you can stay a firefighter for as long as you wish. There is however one catch. You still have to perform the same duties as all other members, and any member not living up to the expectations in front of them can be terminated by the Fire Chief.
So there you have it. If you think that this is something you can handle, and want to be part of a team that specializes in public safety, give it a shot. You will find what you will be doing is very rewarding not only to your community, but to yourself.
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