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Chief Cory Higgs

Past Chief Mike Hutchison

Past Chief Matt Lee

Serving since 1996

Past Chief Ralph Estell

Serving Since 1998

Past Chief Dave Bartel

Serving Since 1986

Past Chief Justin Hays

Serving Since 1993

PastChief Buddy Armstrong

Serving Since 1985

Past Chief Ryan Lee

Serving since 1996

Past Chief Brady Patrick

Serving since 1998

Fireman Nathan Lee

Serving Since 2003

Fireman Cory Lucas

Serving Since 2004

Fireman Henry Lopez

Serving Since 1996

Firemen Dennis Lawrence

Serving Since 1993

Fireman Adam Hinkle

Firemen Charlie Lawrence

Firemen Victor Lane

Serving Since 1986

Lieutenant E.J. Martinez

Past Chief Scott Walters

Captain Kim Wells

Firemen Brandon Ward

Lieutenant Henry Declerq

Serving Since 2010

Lieutenant Brian Hutchins

Past Chief Jim Woodward

Captain Eric Nowland

Serving Since 2009

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