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These photos were taken during our 2010 Training at the Wyoming Fire Academy in Riverton.

Roof Prop

Ariel View from Truck 10

In the bucket



Firemen learn how to work together as a team. Here two firemen train how to find and rescue someone in a house fire.


Our Retired firemen and Past Chiefs, help us out by cooking and preparing meals. Not only at trainings but fires too..

Extrication Training

This training was done at Fedral Auto Recycling in Riverton. Firemen practiced and learned new skills with Extrication.

Rescue #1

This is our Rescue Truck in the background. 2009 Sutphen Heavy Rescue.

Extrication Training

Firemen Chico Martinez taking a break.

Extrication Training

Firemen can basicly take a vehicle completly apart as seen in this photograph

Extrication Training

Air bag and Stabalization

Extrication Training

Firemen stage all the right tools in one spot so we all know where there at.

Extrication Training

Firemen take a door from a vehicle to acess occupants in the vehicle.

Extrication Training

Riverton Firemen work together as a team, and train together as a team

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